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Virtual reality, also known as immersive experience (implies an experience beyond just seeing and hearing, such as being present, interacting, touching, etc.) tries. By simulating different environments and giving the user the opportunity to experience it and, most importantly, by providing the possibility of interacting with the environment to virtual reality users, to acquaint the user with environments that do not normally set foot or go. It encounters difficulties or is not able to enter there at all, and even if it enters there, it has the possibility of limited interaction with the environment and will not be able to experience many important and practical capabilities in normal environments.

Read the instruction and TRY IT NOW

1-Click on the below link then you redirect to simulation page
2- Click on the frame
3- Go FORWARD by clicking the W button (or click on up arrow)
4- Go BACK by clicking the S button (or click on down arrow)
5- Go to the RIGHT by clicking the D button (or click on right arrow)
6- Go to the LEFT by clicking the A button (or click on left arrow)
7- Move your mouse to change your viewing angle and direction

ViVR Live “the next level of” the life via Virtual Reality

What Is ViVR?

virtual reality (VR) technology is used as an opportunity that can be used to overcome some of the limitations and shortcomings in various fields such as social space, business, media. Matters related to theoretical and especially practical education, tourism, and many other aspects of human life, the experience of life with a new standard and higher quality, and in many cases at a lower cost for a large number of people as The user figured it out.

Why You Should Use it?

virtual reality technology can be used to experience and interact with the following:
- Entering environments such as inside the human body and visiting its various components
- Inside the three pyramids at any time
- Inside spaceships
- Inside the aqueduct, also experiencing them closely
- Having interaction with very expensive devices and machines, either related to the last 500 years or very rare
-Visit and interact with environments and departments with special restrictions such as medical-health restrictions

How it Works?

start by simulating a VR store environment to create Portugal's first virtual reality hypermarket. Let's take it. This allows the user to walk through the store shelves, select their product, compare it with other goods using the headset and joystick or through the browser, and experience all these walks and experiences. To do the exercises while sitting on his chair in his house and has not even moved from his place during the whole walk.
- Explore business opportunities to enter the production of VR content
- Review of software engines suitable for producing VR environments
- Check the appropriate hardware equipment for VR development on them
- Creating the initial technical team and the initial implementation team
- Training a number of forces
- Definition of small projects for the production of simple VR prototypes
- Preliminary analysis of creating a virtual reality library
- Implementation of VR prototype store
Socio-economic effects

Why ViVR?

Ability to attract revenue from new solutions such as virtual reality advertising by renting part of the store space

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