Reveal the power of Augmented Reality. What you get is “more than” what you see

What Is RevelAR?

RevelAR is an augmented reality content delivery platform that allows you to use mobile software even on non-digital media such as print catalogs, billboards, clothing and textiles, graffiti, books, and more. Paper magazines, photo boards, and paintings provided a wide variety of digital information and broadcast multimedia content such as video and audio. . (Like the Hogwarts School Newspaper in the Harry Potter series)

Why You Should Use it?

In fact, what appears to be a non-digital medium, usually accompanied by a kind of silence, is not comparable to the wide range of information that can actually be obtained from it, and RevelAR is designed to work with Using augmented reality technology, add the concept to any reality and the real potential of designs, roles, photos and drawings (images, photos, paintings, paper-based graphic designs), and the like in offering a wide variety of Reveal information and display a wide variety of multimedia content.

How it Works?

The way it works is that a user places our mobile app on an augmented reality element (such as a photo or graphic design or image or something like that) in general, and then by scanning that image with the software, he An image becomes a platform for performing a specific action, such as presenting different types of content, including video playback.
The RevelAR platform can support a wide variety of digital information and content to present as content on augmented reality elements. Some of the actions that can be done on augmented reality elements are:
Video playback
Audio playback
Open various documents including pdf
Open the map even on a specific geographical location
Add an address to contacts
Open Calender
Open a website
Show 3D objects

Our Work

Using augmented reality technology and data analysis techniques, the platform improves user experiences, generates valuable data, and thus strengthens businesses and increases social participation.

1- download the catalog file
2- download and install android apk file
3- unzip the catalog file and open the images in it
4- run the application, click on the AR CATALOG button and then take your phone on the screen
This application is a clever display of seco's catalog. By installing the application and having the seco company catalog, you can see videos, PDFs and images related to the company's products. You can also see the address of seco company.

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This application is a clever display of ChocEdgh catalogs. By installing the program and having the ChocEdgh company catalog, you can view videos, PDFs and images related to the company's products. You can also see the address of ChocEdgh company

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